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Perspectuus means "the perspective of us". It is a culmination of thoughts, hardships, experiences, and successes of us as a collective. Perspectuus is a non-profit project founded on the values of respect, empathy, compassion, and understanding. We are committed to providing a platform where people from all walks of life can share their thoughts, ideas, and perspective.


How it started

Perspectuus was founded in June 2020. Amidst all of the chaos and nationwide divide that seemed to feel irreparable, I found myself needing a greater sense of understanding.

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Everyone has truths that they know to be self-evident, and I have been exploring how upbringings, environments, and experiences influence the differentiation in our perspectives. I believe that when we come from a place of wanting to understand and see the full picture, we find the humanity in others despite our differences. I am creating an environment where it is acceptable for all people to have a voice. I believe that respect and listening with the intent of understanding, not with the intent of responding, is how we achieve that.

- Sadie Sanchez, Founder

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Our Story

The Goal of Perspectuus

We will lead by example in hopes of creating a global movement that restores mutual respect and understanding for others humanity. Our mission is to mend political and cultural divisiveness by empowering individuals to share their truth so we can expand perspectives at an individual level, one experience — one story at a time. We all have a voice, and yours deserves to be heard.

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